Patent Search

  • Prior arts and patentability Search
    We provide extensive prior art searches irrespective of technical domain and covering chemistry, pharmaceutical, life science, biotechnology, computer software, electrical and mechanical We also provide value added service of patentability search and analysis which can help to assess the patentability of an invention. We use open as well as paid databases to perform all search activity. Our analysts hold technical degree in science and engineering and are professionally trained to conduct prior arts and/or patent searches.
  • Freedom to Operate search
    “Freedom to operate” is usually used to mean assessing determining whether a particular action, involving commercial value, can be done without infringing valid intellectual property rights of others in particular jurisdiction.
  • Patent mapping and landscaping
    Patent mapping and landscaping is performed to track development of any particular technology, based on patent filings trends of that particular technology. We perform patent mapping and landscape report based on our varying skill of technological domain, patent as well as legal analysis. This report can help you to strategies your business and take informative business decision.

Patent Drafting, Filing and Prosecution

We offer service of patent drafting irrespective of technical field as per interested country patent law requirement. We can help to file patent application at any country of the world through our associated patent attorneys and the same way all this experts can assist during prosecution of patent application to protect broadest possible patent protection.

Patent Portfolio Management

We can assist you in reducing your burden of tracking all your granted as well as pending patent applications in all countries. Our experts will take care of all your deadline of any legal formalities, renewals etc for granted patents. In case of pending patent applications, our dedicated expert’s team can assist you in prosecution of application in all countries so that you do not have to communicate to each attorney separately.

Patent valuation & licensing

One of the most cumbersome exercises for patent holder is generation of monetary value out of it. There are many options available like selling patent right or giving license. But the decision of either selling a patent right or giving license of any patent require brain storming exercise to decide the value of patent. One has to consider many factors while deciding the value of a patent which includes market size, validity of patent, stage of patent, possibility of design around and many others.

We being an expert in the field of IP and have the experience in valuating patent rights based on abode discussed parameter can help patent holder to define a reasonable value of their patent. We also assists patent holder in finding right person or entity for licensing his patent.

Patent FAQs